FALL 2015

Fall is finally here in good ole Oklahoma and that just means more beautiful pictures! I love the color tones of Fall and all the cute sweaters everyone is bundled up in. This October, I am upping my game a little bit in the wedding category for my photography experience. I am assisting in 3 weddings and one of them I will be the main photographer with a little help from a friend here and there. I am super excited, yet very nervous. I cannot wait to see what I can capture and what I learn from all of these events! I have a lot of portrait sessions booked for October as well, so email me soon if you want to squeeze in a session with me this month. School, work, and life is getting pretty hectic around here and I am barely managing it all. If anyone would like to meet or catch up on a little coffee date, get in touch with me because I would love to chat with you!

Logan HendrixComment