Angelic Magazine

Angelic Magazine features a little bit of Jesus, fashion, and music from the Pacific to the Atlantic. They collect work from talented photographers, musicians, and designers around America. I had always found so much inspiration from this magazine and always dreamed of being in it but never imagined I would ever have the skills. I came in contact with a worker from this magazine in September through another friend. One thing lead to another and I was asked to be featured in their October 2015 issue. I was completely thrown off guard and beyond excited! I grabbed my beautiful friend, Madison Bolton and spent a nice evening in downtown OKC to capture some shots for the magazine. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity Angelic Magazine gave me. If you would like to check out my feature, you can click the "source" option below. (Look for my name at the top of the page, towards the middle of the magazine.) Thank you all for your support! 

Logan Hendrix

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